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Code of Conduct & Standard of Behavior

We want everyone who attends Brewbies as a guest, brewery representative, sponsor, vendor, volunteer, etc., to have a fun, rewarding experience here with us and each other. With keen awareness and a genuine understanding of our behavior and how that behavior may be perceived, we can all have a great time while being kind and welcoming to everyone.

We are steadfast in our commitment to create and maintain a safe, welcoming, comfortable experience for every guest. We will absolutely not tolerate any behavior that undermines our ability to do this by violating our antiabuse, anti-harassment, anti-discrimination policy. Anyone who is observed misbehaving will be removed from the space.

Brewbies Fest is committed to providing an environment free of inappropriate and unlawful conduct. We expect everyone attending to behave respectfully at all times, and we will not tolerate any action that appears to be abusive, harassing, or discriminatory. Our zero-tolerance of this behavior applies to all persons who work with Brewbies and those associated as third-party nonemployees, volunteers, festival attendees, visiting brewery representatives, vendors, sponsors, etc.

Anyone who has observed abuse, discrimination, or harassment should report* such conduct immediately to any member of the Brewbies staff. We will take all reports seriously and seek immediate action to preserve the safe, welcoming space we are working hard to create.


  • Say “excuse me” when navigating the crowd if you need to get by someone instead of touching them to get their attention

  • Understand what is considered harassment: stalking, verbal or physical intimidation, offensive verbal comments, physical assault and/or battery, harassing or non-consensual photography or recording, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome physical attention

  • Report any violating behavior witnessed or experienced to any member of the Brewbies staff

  • Encourage yourself and others to be more aware of your own and each other’s actions and behavior

  • Hold yourself and others accountable by speaking up when something appears to be wrong

  • Expect us and others to hold you accountable


  • Touch anyone without their consent

  • Create a situation where another guest feels unsafe or unable to enjoy themselves

  • Assume your intentions are known or understood to be non-threatening

  • Expect us to look the other way, to ignore or disregard complaints

* We are working on an anonymous reporting platform and will update as we have more information.

Resources: Courtney Iseman’s 3-part blog series “Festival Safety” was instrumental in guiding us to build this document: She links to the following, which is extremely helpful and enlightening:

Safer Spaces: Riot Fest’s Do’s and Don’t’s: Coachella’s ‘everyone’ campaign:

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