August Newsletter

Whoa, wait, what do you mean summer is almost over?! It’s hard to believe that it’s been half of a year since Brewbies and that summer is coming to an end!

I wanted to send you an extra special THANK YOU! As you (hopefully) know, all of the money that is raised from Brewbies goes to fund Keep A Breast’s Traveling Education Booth (TEB), which is our grassroots outreach program. Because of your donation to KAB, here’s what we were able to do this summer…

Cancer Con! We kicked off the summer in Denver at Cancer Con! Now I know what you’re thinking and you’re right- it’s no ComicCon, BUT it is a really amazing experience. This conference is put on by our friends at Stupid Cancer twice a year, it’s a place where young adult cancer patients and caregivers can take workshops on how to “get busy living” and adjust back to the real world after cancer strikes. We brought our Non Toxic Revolution (NTR) booth out to talk about how crucial it is to know what ingredients are in your everyday life and how to avoid the bad ones in order to help prevent all types of cancers and reoccurrences.

Bonnaroo! Next stop for NTR, we road tripped to Manchester, Tennessee for Bonnaroo! Yep… over 2k miles each way. Here we set up shop in Planet Roo, the eco-conscience non-profit sector of the festival. This was our first time being at Bonnaroo and we had a great time educating thousands of people all weekend. We were able to talk to them about different ways to lower their risk for cancer by choosing the right sunscreen, reading labels, diet, exercise, and reducing stress. (What better place to be than Bonnaroo!?)

Vans Warped Tour! We’re definitely not new to this rodeo. FUN FACT: This is KAB’s 15th Year on the Vans Warped Tour. That’s as long as we’ve been an organization! The Warped Tour for us is absolutely our greatest outreach. With an average of 15k kids a day, we are able to educate the masses in a seemingly short amount of time (41 shows in 51 days) and directly to our target demographic. We partnered up on a survey with Breast Cancer Fund and Clean Water Action about ingredients in our everyday products and their links to disease. Check out the Blog here and you too can fill out the survey!

San Diego Pride! Our second time being at San Diego Pride, and once again I’m absolutely filled with love for the community. Even though it rained like crazy, we had a great weekend! I think the magic of the TEB is that we bring the education to people in their environment, where they are comfortable and where they want to learn, make choices and not feel forced or overwhelmed (like most doctors offices, am I right?).

Warped Tour Brewbies! Not super educational, except for the fact I got to teach all of the bands and tour staff about craft beer! Not only is it hard being out on tour for 2 months straight, but it’s REALLY hard to get good beer. That being said some of my favorite breweries came out to the Warped show in Ventura and poured beer for the 1,000 members of the tour. Oh, and Family Force 5 DJ’d the party, it was pretty epic.

Brews or Bust! I’m very excited to be working on ‘Brews or Bust’, a breast cast exhibition featuring influential women (and men) in the brewing industry that will be on display at the Great American Beer Festival next month.

Top Secret! Stayed tuned, you will be the first to hear about a new and exciting Brewbies project…(you guys are going to love it.)

Stop by the Traveling Education Booth at these upcoming events: MSA Classic of Surfing, Red Bull’s Global Rally Cross, The Great American Beer Festival, Warped Tour UK and more! For a full list check out our Events Calendar.  

Again, Thank you so much for coming to Brewbies, and sharing beers to raise funds to help Keep A Breast fulfill their mission. Now that’s true “Craft Beer Lovin’ - Do-Gooders”!