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Over $450,000 raised since 2010


About Brewbies

The Brewbies® Festival was founded in 2010 by Melanie Pierce to showcase the positive impact that the craft brewing community can make - the goal was to launch a beer festival to benefit a small, local nonprofit - one that would be genuinely impacted by an event like this. 

  Brewbies founder Melanie PIerce

Brewbies founder Melanie PIerce


changing the world - one pink beer at a time


Why a beer festival?

Brewbies was born and raised in San Diego craft beer, a community of brewers renowned for more than just their unrivaled creativity, commitment to excellence, and superior standards - this is a group that is also respected for their camaraderie, friendship, and support of one another. These qualities are not only the foundation of craft beer in San Diego - a global movement considered by many to have begun right here in California - but the very reasons this incredible festival continues nine years later, and is thought of as one of the most successful events of its kind anywhere.

And, it's no secret that beer has the power to bring people together:  that was the intention, all the way back in 2010 - to bring good people together for a worthy, and important reason. Since day one, nine years ago, 100% of the proceeds from Brewbies have been donated to the Keep A Breast Foundation, to support their many impactful education and awareness programs, to help all people be more aware of the health of their body, and reduce or eliminate their risk of developing cancer.


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